16 March 2023

Last Wednesday, all Flemish newspapers published a full-page advertisement to highlight The topical ad comes on the occasion of Batibouw that started on Tuesday and refers each time to an article on rising energy bills published in the respective newspapers. In addition to the ad, a new wave of the My Verbouwpremie campaign is now running on TV and social media.

Gino Keymeulen and Alex Skim, creatives The Oval Office: "For this print campaign, we could easily have had a sleek visual designed by our graphic studio, copy on top and done. That would have responded perfectly to the briefing to create a follow-up to our reNUveer communication. But we see how the issue is alive in the press, in politics and among people, so we wanted to make a real impact. Therefore, it seemed much stronger to respond directly to the coverage that appeared in each newspaper. The Flemish government's reNUveer message deserves that raw open-your-eyes approach."


Client: VEKA - Vlaams Energie- en Klimaatagentschap
Contact: Geert Flipts, Lotte Ringoot
Agency: The Oval Office
Account Team: Line Reynaert, Eva Verhofstadt, Janne Roelen
Creation: Gino Keymeulen, Alex Skim
Design: Ellen Breckpot, Maurice Calle
Media: Mindshare ​ 



Olivier Trop

Managing Director


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